New RAM ProMaster City for Sale in Easton MD

The New Ram ProMaster City

The new Ram Promaster City has a lot to offer to business owners. A highly configurable van that wears a compact design, the ProMaster City can easily travel through urban and tight environments. Don't allow the compact size of the new ProMaster City to confuse you. However, the van features the best cargo capacity in its class and utilizes its space well.


The new Ram ProMaster City is available in a cargo van configuration and a passenger van configuration, allowing businesses to have the right vehicles for their specific operations. Available in two trim levels, the Tradesman and SLT, the Ram ProMaster City always provides the necessities.


The Ram ProMaster City is available with up to 131.7 cubic feet of cargo space. The large cargo space allows a variety of upfits to be installed into the van. Upfit configurations are available for a range of industries, including telecommunications and plumbing. Custom upfits can also be made for the ProMaster City.


The Ram ProMaster City offers an efficient performance by using a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine that provides 178 horsepower and 174 pound-feet of torque to the model's front-wheel drive drivetrain. A nine-speed automatic transmission smoothly shifts gears in the van and allows the van to get up to speed quickly.


The new Ram ProMaster City is available with many smart technology features that aid drivers during their routine tasks. A rear backup camera, for example, allows drivers to navigate the rear of the van easily. An additional rear park-assist system is also available for the van. The ProMaster City is available with telematics to provide access to crucial information about the vans in real-time. Through telematics, business owners can monitor information like fuel efficiency and productivity.

Commercial Benefits

The Ram ProMaster City can be perfectly suited for your business. Custom graphics can be added to the ProMaster City, allowing businesses to advertise themselves well. The many outfits that are available for the ProMaster City allow business owners to optimize their vans for their specific businesses.